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Maximum connectivity, supporting IoT standards for full traceability with mobile-enabled, easy remote control access

Maximum connectivity, supporting IoT standards for full traceability with mobile-enabled, easy remote control access


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Realtime Dashboard


Easy, fast and flexible integration into every IT-environment, with or without cable. First system with all interfaces embedded ex factory, no additional costs. Choose your preferred connection:

  • WiFi
  • LAN
  • USB
  • RS 232
Support of IoT standards

Support of
IoT standards

Using existing IoT standards, we can deliver data that can be integrated in your ERP system. Easy and flexible data availability in different data formats. Data handling and memory from manual hand soldering in real time.
  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Integration in existing systems for protocols
Support of all IoT standards


Weller App for real-time data dashboards and for simple remote control. High flexibility when reading and uploading data (hardware, protocols, communication of sytsems and process information)

  • PC / Monitor
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Control screens in production area

Easy and fast integration into existing IT-environment

Easy integration in ERP system

Fast integration/connection
via WiFi or cable

Easy remote control access
via real-time dashboard


Explore all applications for connected soldering

Whereever you care for human life, product safety and liability, WXsmart is the right soldering platform due to maximum connectivity and traceability. In automotive industries as well as in medical techology, aerospace or military.

Save time and money

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Realtime Dashboard
Full Traceability
  • ID numbers on each tip and tool
  • Full documentation
  • Real-time data & data for audits
Realtime Dashboard
Highest productivity
  • Full transparencies
  • Total Process Control
  • Data analyzes to prevent failures
  • Higher output
Realtime Dashboard
Less cost risks
  • Due to expensive product recalls
  • Higher process control leads to
    less quality defects and less wastage
  • Saving cost

Marcel Teller

Senior Global Product Manager, Weller Professional



How can the WXsmart station be integrated into a network?

The WXsmart can be easily integrated via Ethernet & WiFi connection using TCP/IP. Additionally, Weller ensures a high level of security by using TLS encryption and two factor authentication (2FA).

Every company has its own IT-system. How do you integrate the WXsmart here?

Weller offers the possibility to connect the WXsmart soldering unit to an MQTT broker. We implemented all parameters (e.g. Temperature) as JSON structures to be published / subscribed via MQTT. For the highest security standards, Weller built in a certificate upload mechanism to provide the soldering station with a customer verification certificate.

Can the collected data be transferred and stored in a SQL database server?

Yes, Weller will offer 3 different ways to easily transfer and store data:

1. Direct Connection to the MES System collecting the data directly from the station via broker systems.

2. With the Weller Windows Application App there is a possibility to store continuously data to a CSV or Excel file.

3. Our third option is data tracking via USB storage device.

This files ca be also imported to a SQL-Database.

Can the data be exported to an Excel file?

Yes, data can be easily exported to a CSV or Excel file.

Are there any additional costs for connectivity options?

No, the Wxsmart station ahs all connectivity possibilities integrated in the system as standard (LAND, WIFI, USB, 2x RS232) without any additional cost.

What are the benefits of WXsmart?

Full transparency, full process documentation, high process control, less failure, higher quality, higher output.