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Weller WE 1010NA

The new Weller® WE 1010 soldering station is the next in our line of dependable and easy-to-use soldering stations. As the most powerful soldering station in its class, the WE1010NA reliably delivers high-quality joints every time. Its low total cost of ownership and wide variety of applications makes it the perfect choice for professionals, hobbyists and beginners alike. The WE1010NA digital soldering station comes equipped with a WEP 70 soldering iron, soldering tip, and safety rest so you can power it up and hop right into your soldering project.

Most powerful in its class

This 70-watt soldering station boasts 40 percent more power than 50-watt models of the same class. The added power allows the WE1010NA to heat up in under 30 seconds so it is ready to use almost instantly. Instead of waiting for your soldering iron to reach the necessary temperature, you can maximize your time to finish jobs more quickly and efficiently. The WE1010NA also offers faster recovery time to power through any project.

Produces high-quality results

The WE1010NA features a temperature lock that ensures stable heat levels are maintained throughout a soldering job. This excellent temperature stability of +/- 10 degrees Fahrenheit or 6 degrees Celsius provides more uniform solder joints and an overall higher quality final product. You can rely on consistent results every time you use the WE1010NA. With password protection, you can secure and maintain your preset temperatures to further ensure quality results. These temperature stability features of the WE1010NA also protect solder tips and components for longer use.

Easy to use

easy to use

This high-performance soldering iron is impressively simple to use with an easy-to-read LCD screen and push-button navigation. The WE1010NA features a front panel power switch for easy access. The digital LCD screen clearly displays the preset temperature for easy monitoring, while up and down arrow buttons allow simple temperature adjustment. Use the menu button to set standby time, adjust offset or toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius. By holding in the menu button, you can engage the lock function to secure your preset temperature. These intuitive menu controls allow new users to become comfortable with the WE1010NA in no time so you can focus on honing your craft.

Comfortable design

The WE1010NA comes with a 70-watt soldering iron that is lightweight and comfortable to use. The pencil-like design allows for more precision in detailed soldering tasks, while the co-molded grip prevents operator fatigue during longer projects.

Energy-saving features

When not in use, the WE1010NA automatically sets the temperature back to save energy. This automatic set-back feature increases the longevity of solder tips and protects the equipment. The WE1010NA also features a standby mode that powers down the station to a set temperature when not in use after a certain period of time. This standby time can be adjusted between one and 99 minutes. Standby mode is also a helpful safety feature so that the equipment does not remain at extremely high temperatures when unattended.

Improved safety features

Each component of the WE1010NA soldering station is ESD safe, including the iron and cable, so you can feel comfortable handling the equipment. The silicon cable meets the highest industry standards for mechanical strength and is both flexible and heat-resistant. The station and soldering iron have also received a Certificate of Compliance for electrical safety for increased peace of mind. When storing your iron, rely on the reinforced safety rest of the WE1010NA for improved stability.

High-quality and easy to change solder tips

No matter your soldering project, you can find the right tip for your WE1010NA from the wide selection in the ET tip family. Choose from a variety of chisel, round, conical, measuring and gullwing tips in the size you need for your job, and enjoy the benefits of affordable, long-lasting and high-quality Weller ET tips. The WE1010NA also makes it easy to change soldering tips without any additional tools. All you need to do is twist the plastic nut on the soldering iron by hand.

Designed for education

designed for education

Because of its ease of use and professional quality performance, the WE1010NA is perfect for educational uses. The ergonomic design of the soldering iron makes it easy to hold and handle, while its simple display and navigation provide the perfect foundation for learning the craft of soldering. The advanced safety features of the WE1010NA make it acceptable for use by students over the age of 8 as well as those with little or no prior soldering experience.

Cost-efficient soldering iron

Overall, the WE1010NA has a low total operating cost and is affordable to maintain. The energy-saving features of the WE1010NA help reduce the operating costs. The ET soldering tips are affordable to purchase and boast a long lifespan, which means reduced costs for replacement tips as well. These low costs reinforce the merit of the WE1010NA as the perfect soldering iron for beginners, hobbyists or for educational purposes.

WE1010NA at a glance:

  • 70-watt soldering iron that is the most powerful in its class
  • Superior temperature stability for best quality results
  • Intuitive navigation and clear LCD screen
  • Comfortable and safe for a variety of skill levels
  • Cost-efficient high-quality soldering iron

Applications of the Weller WE1010NA

Applications of the Weller WE1010NA

Because of its exceptional performance, the WE1010NA is a great option for a variety of professional soldering jobs. Its simple design also makes the WE1010NA perfect for advanced hobbyists and those with little experience with soldering. Below are a few suggested applications for the WE1010NA:

  • Simple electronics work: The WE1010NA is designed for high performance in soldering PCB components and other electronics projects. Use this soldering station for hobby electronics projects or in education, such as robotics classes or other technology courses. The WE1010NA works great with electronic kits and cable assembling, as well as low-voltage wiring. However, the WE1010NA is not recommended for soldering heat sinks or ground planes.
  • Home repairs: Because of its ease of use, the WE1010NA is perfect for repairing small appliances or engines. Use the WE1010NA to repair wire connections or patch joints effectively and quickly. The WE1010NA is a great choice if you wish to build your own computer or repair your home electronics.
  • Crafts: The WE1010NA is perfect for advanced hobbyists or those just starting out. This soldering station can be used for a wide variety of craft projects, such as stained glass or small metal projects.

Despite its wide application for small professional and hobby projects, the WE1010NA digital soldering station is not recommended for more substantial soldering projects, such as marine, automotive or aerospace. If working in these industries, explore our WX line of soldering stations designed for high performance and specialty soldering tasks. The WE1010NA is also not well-suited for jewelry, metal art or plumbing. For these applications, consider our WT line for an affordable soldering iron with many of the special features of the WX line.

WE1010NA operating tips

This high-performance digital soldering station is built to last and provide quality results time after time. For the best results, users should perform proper handling and regular maintenance of their WE1010NA soldering station. Before each use, verify that cables and plugs are connected properly and all moving parts are in good working condition. Store your soldering station in a safe location to avoid damage when not in use. When powering up your WE1010NA, make sure the unit is off before plugging it in. Before first heating up the soldering tip, coat it with solder to remove any oxide coating that may have formed during storage. The soldering tip should also be properly coated during extended breaks and before storing the soldering station. Below are a few more tips for ensuring the best performance of your WE1010NA:

  • Use as low of a working temperature as possible for your solder.
  • Use as large of a soldering tip as possible for your project.
  • Do not use mechanical force on the tip when soldering.
  • Do not use aggressive fluxing agents.
  • Store soldering station away from moisture and direct sunlight.
  • Use only Weller accessories and auxiliary devices to prevent damage.

For more operating tips and safety procedures, refer to the WE1010NA manual.

WE1010NA vs. WES51 / WESD51

New and improved features vs WES51 and WESD51

As a replacement model for the WES51 and WESD51, the WE1010NA provides improved performance and ease of use. This upgraded model replaces the simple dial adjustment of the WES51 with a user-friendly digital LCD screen and intuitive push-button navigation. The WE1010NA adds safety features to protect the equipment and ensure consistent and reliable soldering. Here are a few highlights of the advantages of the new WE1010NA:

  • More intuitive navigation: The digital LCD screen allows easy monitoring of temperatures, while button navigation makes adjusting presets and offsets simple. Set the temperature lock or adjust standby time with the push of a button.
  • Added safety with password protection: Preserve your temperature settings with a password lock to ensure consistent quality and performance.
  • Saves energy and protects equipment: The WE1010NA adds a standby mode and automatic set-back feature to save energy when the station is not in use.
  • More powerful: The WE1010NA features a 70-watt soldering iron that is 40 percent more powerful than the 50-watt WES51 model.
  • Greater temperature range: With an expanded temperature range of 200 to 850 degrees Fahrenheit, the WE1010NA offers precise soldering at lower temperatures than the WES51, which offered a smaller range of 350 to 850 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Better temperature accuracy: The WE1010NA boasts a temperature accuracy of +/- 9 degrees Fahrenheit or +/- 5 degrees Celsius, while the WES51 offered +/- 10 degrees Fahrenheit or +/- 6 degrees Celsius accuracy.
  • More comfortable use: With the ergonomic, pencil-like design of the WEP70 iron the WE1010NA is even more comfortable than the PES51 soldering iron of the WES51 / WESD51 soldering stations. This reduces operator fatigue and improves performance.

Purchase your WE1010NA soldering station today

Upgrade to the WE 1010NA and save 20 dollars

The new Weller WE1010NA builds on the reliability and performance of the WES51 and WESD51 to produce an even more efficient and easy-to-use soldering station. This upgraded model provides safer, more comfortable soldering so you can get superior results no matter the project. Enjoy faster heat-up and consistent temperature stability to produce excellent results for your soldering project. When you upgrade your old WES51 / WESD51 or other soldering station, you can earn a $20 rebate on the new WE1010NA through participating distributors. Purchase your WE1010NA soldering station today to begin enjoying the exceptional and simple soldering performance.

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