Zero Smog 4V Adhesive fume filter

Fume extraction unit Zero Smog 4V
article number: T0053661699N



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Unit purifies air at up to 4 workplaces
Constant Flow Control (CFC) guarantees automatical air flow regulation for each working place independent of the connected workplaces
Electronic filter control with optical and acoustical filter alarm
Efficiency test via USB port
4 wheels to allow easy movement of the unit
Low noise level
4 kits available
The fume extraction unit Zero Smog 4V (ZS 4V) is adapt with a wide band gasfilter to exhaust adhesive fume at glueing applications. A powerful, maintenance-free turbine provides continuous fume extraction at a maximum air extraction rate of 230 m3/h. With setting constant flow control the adjustable turbine speed avoiding unnecessary waste of suction power and saving energy.
Zero Smog 4V Adhesive fume filter
article number: T0053661699N

Fume extraction unit Zero Smog 4V
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 345 x 325 x 505
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz (120 V / 60 Hz)
Power 275 VA
Capacity l/min 230 m³ / h
Noise level (distance 1 m) dB(A) 48 dB (A)
WX compatible on
Dimensions L x W x H (Inches) 12, 59 x 12, 59 x 15, 55
Weight (approx.) in kg 19
FT applications Adhering, cleaning, casting
ESD-safe on
Max. capacity 1–4 workstations
USB port on
Max. blower vacuum (Pa) 3.800
Pre-filter Pre filter mat class F7
Compact filter Wide band gas filter (50 % Active carbon + 50 % Chemisorb)
RS232 interface (remote control) All system functions can be operated and remotely monitored via the RS232 port.
USB The USB port can be used to load firmware updates, run efficiency tests and log data. Do not leave the USB medium inserted for longer than 2 minutes. After this time expires, the USB module will switch off automatically.
WT compatible on
Wide band gas filter for adhesive fumes
Wide band gas filter for adhesive fumes for Zero Smog 4V, WFE 2ES, WFE 2S
Fine dust filter F7 WFE 2S, Zero Smog 4V
Fine dust filter F7 for WFE 2S, Zero Smog 4V
Zero Smog 4V
Fume extraction unit Zero Smog 4V
Zero Smog 4V Kit 1 Funnel
Fume extraction Zero Smog 4V with Kit 1 Funnel
FT-NL Sloped nozzle
Easy-Click 60 metal nozzle Ø 60 mm, length 130 mm.
FT-NS Sloped nozzle
Easy-Click 60 sloped metal nozzle for with grid Ø 50 mm, length 130 mm.
Kit 1S WF Funnel Nozzle
Easy-Click 60 1 joint aluminium extraction arm with funnel nozzle and stop valve