Get It Soldered - Weller WE Line

Just switch on the new WE1010 sta­tion and start sol­der­ing. Weller in­tro­duces a new sol­der­ing sta­tion de­signed for ed­u­ca­tion, ad­vanced hob­by­ists and pro­fes­sional users.

Everything you need - WE 1010 Professional Education Kit

WE 1010 Ed­u­ca­tion Kit is the first pro­fes­sional sol­der­ing equip­ment cus­tom-built fro aca­d­e­mic and ed­u­ca­tional pur­poses.

Pro­fes­sional, safe and in­tu­itive, the WE Ed­u­ca­tion Kit em­pow­ers stu­dents by pro­vid­ing high ef­fi­ciency and pre­ci­sion that is seen at the pro­fes­sional level. This all-in-one kit gives teach­ers and stu­dent the abil­ity to take their ideas to re­al­ity, faster and quicker.

What is in­cluded in the scope of de­liv­ery?

WE 1010 sol­der­ing sta­tion

WEP 70 sol­der­ing iron

PH 70 safety rest with sponge

ETA sol­der­ing tip 1.6 mm

ETB sol­der­ing tip 2.4 mm

Weller Xcelite 170MN shearcut­ter

Sol­der wire WSW SCN M1

WE 1010 Applications
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