Automated soldering - step-by-step

Move to clean­ing po­si­tion
The sol­der­ing head moves to the clean­ing po­si­tion and cleans the tip in the tip cleaner.


Move to work­ing po­si­tion
The sol­der­ing head leaves the clean­ing po­si­tion and moves to the work­ing po­si­tion.


Pre-tin tip / Pre­heat joint / Sol­der
Uniquely WELLER®: a small, pre­cise amount of sol­der wire is smoothly pulled, not pushed (as is con­ven­tional prac­tice) onto the hot sol­der­ing tip to cre­ate a good ther­mal bridge for the sol­der­ing process:

- The tip is in di­rect con­tact with the com­po­nents to be sol­dered 
- The tem­per­a­ture and force ap­plied to the joint is con­trolled
- While heat­ing, sol­der is added  
- Pro­grammed pa­ra­me­ters pre­cisely con­trol the en­tire sol­der­ing process, in­clud­ing the sol­der wire‘s speed and quan­tity


Re­move sol­der sup­ply while heat­ing
The wire feeder is quickly re­tracted from the sol­der joint while the heat con­tin­ues to be ap­plied.


Re­move heat source
The sol­der­ing tip re­tracts from the sol­der joint and is ready for the next sol­der­ing task.

Cleaning tool process

1. The brushes start ro­tat­ing
2. Sol­der­ing tip moves down into the brushes, then moves side­ways across the brushes (user de­fined)
3. The tip re­mains for a pe­riod of time in the brushes (user de­fined)
4. The sol­der­ing tip re­tracts out of the brushes
5. The brushes stop ro­tat­ing