On point, smooth-pulling solder feeder

The newly de­signed, short dis­tance feeder unit with wire pull sys­tem en­sures the high­est ac­cu­racy.

The com­plete feed unit is built close to the sol­der­ing tip and the sol­der­ing points to be processed. The sol­der wire is smoothly pulled from the re­mote sol­der wire coil through a tube. This guar­an­tees the small­est pos­si­ble tol­er­ance de­vi­a­tions and the high­est sol­der joint qual­ity.






The pa­ra­me­ters of the re­quired sol­der wire quan­tity can be pro­grammed and con­trolled sim­ply and quickly via the soft­ware wire feeder fea­tures:

Dy­namic feed­ing speed
Wire pull sys­tem
Short dis­tance feeder to sol­der joint
Small­est tol­er­ances for wiring
Closed loop speed con­trol
Stopage de­tec­tion
Pre­cise pro­gram­ma­ble sol­der­ing quan­tity
Easy coil change
Use of up to 500 g coils