Constant Flow Control

Intelligent control systems for maximum performance

If not all work­sta­tions in WellerFT ex­trac­tor units with mul­ti­ple work­sta­tions are in op­er­a­tion, then elec­tronic throt­tle valves close the work­sta­tions which are not re­quired. The adapted power out­put of the tur­bine reg­u­lates the ex­trac­tion vol­ume. The au­to­matic flow con­trol sys­tem main­tains a con­stant air flow to en­sure op­ti­mal per­for­mance dur­ing work op­er­a­tions. En­ergy con­sump­tion is adapted ac­cord­ingly and the costs re­duced.

In ad­di­tion, the per­for­mance of mul­ti­ple-stage fil­tra­tion sys­tems tends to drop off even when only one fil­ter is clogged. The in­tel­li­gent con­stant flow con­trol sys­tem coun­ter­acts this de­crease in out­put. It in­di­cates fil­ter changes in ad­vance by acoustic and vi­sual sig­nals and si­mul­ta­ne­ously in­creases the power out­put of the low-main­te­nance tur­bine in order to en­sure a con­stant ex­trac­tion vol­ume. This en­sures ab­solute 100 per­cent ef­fi­ciency of WellerFT tools through­out work op­er­a­tions.