FAQs Weller

My soldering station cannot be switched on

Station or channel shows OFF only

WR 2 repair station: Display "Err" (Error)

Soldering iron inserted in receptacle, LED not flashing

WSD station is not used within a period of 30 minutes the temperature will be automatically reduced to a temperature of 150 °C

"Tip" appears on the display

Resetting station to factory setting (FSE)

Compressed air

WDD 81V / WDD 161V / WXD 2 - no suction power

Compatibility of the HAP 200 hot air tool

Compatibility of WMRT / WMRP Micro tools

Active-Tip Technology (WMRP/WMRT, WXMP/WXMT soldering irons)

Power Response technology (WP 65, WP 120, WP 200, WXP 65, WXP 120, WXP 200 soldering irons)

Silver-Line Technology (FE 75, MPR 80, WP 80, WSP 80, WSP 150 soldering irons)

Weller - trusted technology / Energy efficient soldering stations

Unbelievable: This Weller workstation will save as much power as a single-person household uses in a whole year.


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