Tools with ergonomic handles

The han­dle shape and spe­cial ma­te­ri­als en­sure a soft feel, op­er­at­ing com­fort and safety. The spe­cially shaped han­dles en­sure that the grip­ping pres­sure is evenly spread over the en­tire palm of the hand. The thumb and fin­gers au­to­mat­i­cally find their best po­si­tion. The ef­fort that has to be ex­erted by the user is re­duced, thereby re­duc­ing hand fa­tigue. The anti-slip sur­face pro­vides ex­cel­lent grip.

High pre­ci­sion screw joint
This self lock­ing screw joint sys­tem gives a smooth cut­ting and open­ing ac­tion and en­sures that there is no blade over­lap or play. The patented Magic Spring sys­tem used in Erem pre­ci­sion tools is unique.