Weller Fil­tra­tion of­fers a cost-ef­fec­tive so­lu­tion to pu­rify con­t­a­m­i­nated air in the work­place. No per­ma­nent in­stal­la­tions are re­quired and main­te­nance is min­i­mal.

With the Easy Click ex­trac­tor arm con­cept, you can cus­tom-con­fig­ure the ex­trac­tor arm using com­po­nents from a mod­u­lar sys­tem.

It is a flex­i­ble, easy-to-as­sem­ble click con­nect sys­tem. The Easy Click arms are suit­able for any work­place ap­pli­ca­tion re­quir­ing the ex­trac­tion of fumes, gases and par­ti­cles.

They are fast and easy to in­stall. No ad­di­tional tools are needed. Weller Fil­tra­tion of­fers a large se­lec­tion of con­nect­ing el­e­ments and adap­tors. All stan­dard arms are ESD safe.