Heres to your health – an ef­fi­cient, quiet fil­tra­tion sys­tem with fil­ter-change alarm

The main­te­nance-free and brush­less EC blower guar­an­tees an ex­trac­tion vol­ume of 190 m3/h with a strong vac­uum of 3000 Pa. The unit runs un­no­tice­ably in the back­ground of a quiet, fo­cussed work en­vi­ron­ment. The au­to­matic fil­ter mon­i­tor­ing sys­tem is equipped with an au­dio­vi­sual fil­ter alarm which alerts the user well in ad­vance of the need for a fil­ter change. The fil­ter can be changed quickly and eas­ily. The Zero Smog TL ef­fec­tively cleans the air for up to two work­spaces, help­ing pro­tect the health of users. 

High qual­ity, long-last­ing fil­ter

The extra large fil­ter sur­face en­sures that the HEPA H13 fil­ter is long-lived. This guar­an­tees op­ti­mum par­ti­cle fil­ter­ing. The F7 pre-fil­ter is ad­di­tion­ally help­ful for ap­pli­ca­tions with high flux use and/or that pro­duce large vol­umes of fine dust. The 10% gran­u­lar ac­ti­vated car­bon fil­ter re­moves gas fumes.

The ex­trac­tion power and/or the vol­ume flow of the Zero Smog TL can be vari­ably ad­justed de­pend­ing on the ap­pli­ca­tion re­quire­ments and the num­ber of work­spaces.

Sim­ple and se­cure in­stal­la­tion

The portable ex­trac­tion unit can be con­ve­niently and un­ob­tru­sively po­si­tioned di­rectly under or next to the work­space. In­stal­la­tion is made easy with the flex­i­ble Easy-Click ex­trac­tion arms.

Zero Smog TL at a glance

The Zero Smog TL cleans air for up to two work­spaces

Portable ex­trac­tion unit for flex­i­ble po­si­tion­ing di­rectly under or next to the work­space

Easy fil­ter re­place­ment

Au­dio­vi­sual fil­ter alarm

Easy in­stal­la­tion with the Easy-Click sys­tem

Vari­able vol­ume flow ad­just­ment knob

Com­pact fil­ter with H13 par­ti­cle fil­ter + gas fil­ter 

Main­te­nance-free brush­less EC gas blower

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