WX Line Soldering WX Stations

WX Soldering Stations

WX soldering stationhighlightFast  heat-up


highlightPro­gram­ma­ble, easy to op­er­ate


highlightVer­sa­tile, from micro to macro


highlight1- or 2- chan­nel sta­tions


The Weller Advantage

WX2 soldering stationThe WX1 and WX2 are in­tu­itive and easy to op­er­ate thanks to their touch screens and lan­guage op­tions. With these sta­tions, any sol­der­ing process can be ef­fort­lessly pro­grammed and there is a choice be­tween 1 and 2 chan­nel sta­tions.

Max­i­mum process re­li­a­bil­ity for man­ual sol­der­ing tasks is pro­vided for the au­to­mo­tive, aero­space and med­ical tech­nol­ogy in­dus­tries. 

From micro

to macro

WXP 200

and everything between

WXP120 WXP65 WXP80

Advantages at a glance

Vi­sual process con­trol
through LED sig­nal func­tion Blue LED ring light (light is out = Off, light is blink­ing = Standby or Heat­ing Up, light is on = tip ready for use)

Tem­per­a­ture sta­bil­ity/ac­cu­racy
All WX Sol­der­ing tools have a tem­per­a­ture sta­bil­ity of ± 2° C and a tem­per­a­ture ac­cu­racy of ± 9° C, as per IPC stan­dard.

Tai­lor-made per­for­mance
Weller heat­ing tech­nolo­gies de­liver pre­cise per­for­mance on de­mand.

In­tu­itive op­er­a­tion
The ro­bust touch screen is a ca­pac­i­tive touch panel made of real glass. It is anti-sta­tic and tem­per­a­ture-re­sis­tant. The turn-and-click wheel with con­firm but­ton al­lows in­tu­itive op­er­a­tion.

Quick heat­ing time
WX sol­der­ing irons heat in ultra-quick time and can be used im­me­di­ately.

Huge en­ergy sav­ings, Mo­tion sen­sor
Thanks to an in­te­grated sen­sor, WX tools are mo­tion ac­ti­vated. This means that they con­sume power only when they are ac­tu­ally in use. Con­nected ac­ces­sories also go into standby mode.


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