Fume extraction unit MG 140
article number: U-145-1000-ESDN



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Unit purifies air at up to 2 workplaces
High Gasfilter volume
Electronic filter control with alarm function
Switch power supply 100 - 240 V
4 wheels for easy movement
Variable Speed setting
Quick and simple installation
Quick and simple installation
The MG 140 is suitable of applications with a high demand of gas and particle filtration, e.g. soldering, adhesives, clean room work. It can be placed and be moved easily between different work places. Variable speed and alarm function for filter exchange can be set via the remote control.
Applications: Hand soldering, heavy duty and general soldering, gluing, cleaning, filling, fine dust
article number: U-145-1000-ESDN

Fume extraction unit MG 140
Dimensions L x W x H (Inches) 13.77 x 13.18 x 25.78
Diameter -
Weight (approx.) in kg 18
Height -
Compact filter Particle filter H13, Wide band gas filter (50 % Active carbon + 50 % Chemisorb)
Fuse 2 x 6,3A
Air consumption l/min na
Max. capacity 2 workstations
Max. blower vacuum (Pa) 2.300
Capacity m³/h 140
Pre-filter F7
ESD-safe on
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 350 x 335 x 655
Weight 18 kg
Voltage 110 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power 100 W
Max. vacuum 2300 Pa
Capacity l/min 140 m³ / h
Filter type Vorfiltersack F 8 , Partikelfilter Abscheidegrad > 99,95 % im MPPS Gasfilter (50% Aktivkohle, 50% Puratex)
Noise level (distance 1 m) dB(A) < 50
Compact filter MG 140
Particle filter H13 and wide band gas filter, Standard
Pre-filter MG 140
Pre-filter for MG 140 / F8 (2 pieces)
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