5-channel, hot air, desoldering, soldering rework system (700 W)
article number: WR5000MN




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ECO button for "Sleep Mode"
Note: Not applicable with WRK kit or WVP vacuum
PC Connectivity and data logging software included (WR3ME only)
700 watts of power over 5 independently-controlled channels
Specified tips included
Application flexibility with up to 19 tool options (WR3ME only)
article number: WR5000MN

5-channel, hot air, desoldering, soldering rework system (700 W) The WR5000M is a 120V 700W five channel digital conductive/connective Rework System is self-contained multi-channel rework stations. Independent tool channels with automatic tool recognition. Simultaneous use of multiple tools. Self contained vacuum and air. Programmable process control through special function menus. Continuous productivity with no end of cycle hot air cool down time. ECO button for sleep mode. Weller micro-tools, WMRP and WMRT are not compatible.
Max. hot air flow rate l/min (depends on tool) 15 l/min
Channels 3
Max. vacuum .7 bar;20.7 inHg
Voltage 120 V
Power 700 W
Temperature range (depends on tool) °C 93 - 500
Temperature range (depends on tool) °F 200 - 850
Temperature stability °C ±2°C
Temperature stability °F ±4°F
Temperature accuracy °F ±17°F
Temperature accuracy °C ±9°C
WT compatible on
ESD-safe on
Equipotential bonding on
Vacuum 0,7 bar, max
Weight (approx.) in kg 7.3
Dimensions L x W x H (Inches) 11,02 x 9,45 x 4,06
Capacity l/min 18
Overcurrent release 2 A
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 280 x 240 x 103
WDH 30
Safety rest with dry cleaner
WDH 50
WDH 50 Safety Rest with Stop+Go Function for WMRP Micro Soldering Pencil with FE-attachment
2-Channel Power Unit, 200 W (300 W)
HAP 200 Set
Hot air iron set with safety rest
3-Channel Power Unit, 360 W (400 W)