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Item No.: T0051320999
Micro desoldering tweezers 2 x 40 W, 12 V (hand piece without tips) for Active-Tip Heating Technology
$ 238.00
Ex tax.
Product features
  • High-Performance / High-Productivity:
    Extremely short heat-up time: 5 sec., Excellent reaction time

  • Highest Precision: Maximum precision during the soldering process with short tip-to-grip distance and optimized tip design, Precise positioning with unique parallel sliding block guide, No alignment necessary after tip change with pairwise design, Adjustability functions with Allen key: 1.5mm possible if needed (±80° rotation angle adjustment + vertical length adjustment of ±1.2mm), Intelligent Desoldering Tweezers Tips (allows Automatic Tip-Offset)

  • Integrated parameter memory:
    Standby temperature and automatic switch-off time can easily be stored in soldering iron, Parameters only need to be stored once; the desoldering tweezers can use them with any WXsmart station

  • Fastest Tweezer Tip Change:
    Active Tip Cartridge System allows for easy exchange of soldering tip even with a hot desoldering tweezer, all without needing an extra tool or further adjustment

  • Cost savings due to the unique smart 2-in-1 Desoldering Tweezers 80 W, 12 V:
    Supports both Smart Pico (soldering or reworking SMDs such as 0402, 0201, 01005) & Smart Micro Tweezers Tips for usage under the microscope. (Save one Tweezers Tool)

  • Maximum Protection:
    According to Military Standard, Mil-Spec compliant and fully compliant to IPC industry standards (IPC - TM-650 2.5.33 Measurement of Electrical Overstress from Soldering Hand Tools)

  • Ergonomics:
    Improved comfort and safe handling with new ergonomic soft grips

  • Visual process control through RGB signal function:
    Easy Tool Identification. Color customization enabled. (Choose between 12 colors)

  • Compatible with:
    WXsmart Control unit, RTWMS / RTWPS Desoldering Tip Range, WSR 210 Safety Rest

Technical data
Approximate Heating Time (50–350 °C/120–660 °F) 5 sec
ESD Safe Yes
Power Consumption 80 W
Temperature Range °C 100 - 450 °C
Temperature Range °F 200 - 850 °F
UPC 037103371218
Voltage 12 V / AC
Works With WXsmart


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