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Count on Weller's soldering products & expertise

Weller products are designed to meet the highest performance requirements and increase productivity in all soldering processes. 

With a wide range of active soldering tips and tweezers, Weller has a solution for every application. Fast heat-up and recovery times and consistent heat transfer ensure high performance and consistent solder joints. The range of smart soldering irons, tweezers and tips, when used with the WXsmart station, also provides unprecedented traceability and integration with existing MQTT systems for complete traceability. 

Single or dual-channel soldering stations allow the connection of a variety of soldering irons and desoldering tweezers, eliminating the need for additional soldering stations. 

Did you know that ...

Weller RT Active Tips Pico, Micro and Ultra do perform in an extraordinary way - fastest heating time, highest power and best precision.

RT Active Tips

Fast heating timesAllow for high performance soldering with high temperatures.

  • Pico - made for the smallest components, 0402 down to 01005
  • Micro - made for standard components covering the widest range of applications
  • Ultra - made for heavy duty applications and largest components

The heart of soldering is the tip

The result of the soldering joint is determined by the composition and quality of the soldering tip. Choosing the right soldering tip is a decision that should be made with great care due to the wide variety of requirements.

  1. Excellent heat-up and recovery time

    - Use a soldering tool and tip like the RT soldering tips that have fast heat-up and recovery times for a continuous workflow 

    - Only the RT tip can be changed without any additional tool. This is safe, fast and easy to do. 

    - Use the correct soldering tip to avoid cold solder joints.

  2. Proper tool selection and use

    - Work with soldering irons that have good heat transfer and power output. We recommend the RT and Smart RT tips. 

    - Use a smart soldering station with precise temperature control and a function to lower temperature when not in use. RT Tip's motion sensor automatically lowers the temperature when not being used. Upon re-use, the iron will automatically heat up to the preset temperature. 

    - Use a heating plate to reduce the risk of partial overheating. 

  3. Extending Tip Life

    To ensure that a soldering tip will last as long as possible, there are a few important things to keep in mind 

    - Solder at the lowest possible working temperature 

    - Use a tip that is as thick and as short as possible. 

    - Ensure a large area of heat transfer between tip and soldering joint by tinning the tip well. 

  4. Proper tip care will extend tip life

    - Always wet the tip of the soldering iron before you put it down. 

    - Apply solder so that it is in contact with the solder surface and the solder tip at the same time. 

    - Avoid mechanical stress on the solder tip. 

    - Black deposits on already oxidized tips can be removed with steel wool. 

All about heating time and
performance of Weller tweezers

Discover our WTMT Tweezers for the WT Line
Experience our new WXMTS Tweezers for the WXsmart

Achieve excelent results with the right solder wire

Designed to enhance the quality of all hand and robotic soldering jobs, Weller WSW increases productivity while reducing operating costs.  WSW solder wires optimize the performance of the soldering process by reducing tip consumption , ensuring a low total cost of ownership by decreasing labor time and resources. 

The patented Reduced Splash feature increases direct user safety and clean workbrench. With a guaranteed 100% continuous flux core, combined with pure first metal melting, WSW avoids costly rework and enables long-term, highly durable solder joints without cracking, even on difficult surfaces. 

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